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Contents of label views
To change label view settings,
1. Click File > Settings > View 2D > View Settings. The Default Settings browser opens with View settings.
2. Under any of the View settings such as Standard or Section, expand Appearance > View Label. you can then set the following options:
Label Prefix
You can set the default prefix text before the name of the view. You can enter any text for the prefix.
Label Case
You can set how and whether the view name is displayed:
As Is
Upper Case
Lower Case
None (only the number appears)
Example: full view name (as in the browser) is “Front 1
As Is -> "Front 1"
Upper Case -> "FRONT 1"
Lower Case -> "front 1"
None -> "1"
Label Numbering
Numbers only
Blank or Numbers
Letters only
Letter and Numbers
Label Characters
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation uses letters and/or numbers in alphabetical/numeral order when labeling views. The first view is named A, and the label next to the view is A; the next view is named B.When the list of Label Characters is exhausted, Creo Elements/Direct Annotation uses numbers.
You can define a specific list of ordered characters.
Label includes Scale
This setting determines whether or not the scale of a view is included in the view label.
Automatic includes the standard and general view scale in the label only when it is not equal to the default scale factor of the sheet on which it lies.
Yes includes the view scale in the label.
No does not include the view scale in the label.
The illustration shows the scale included the labels of both views; in the view to the left, the prefix is "scale," in upper case, the format is Colon syntax 1:1 with no brackets. In the view to the right, the prefix remains "scale," in lower case, the format is Slash syntax 1/1 with square brackets.