Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Configure Creo Elements/Direct Annotation > Creo Elements/Direct Annotation default settings > Set dimensioning defaults > Set dimension arrow attributes
Set dimension arrow attributes
The Arrows section in the Default settings browser (Click File > Settings > Dimension > Dim Arrow and Line Settings) contains all the settings determining the appearance of dimension arrows. Changes made to these settings affect subsequently created dimensioning.
Set the arrow types
You can set different arrow types for the first and second specified dimension points. The arrow types are assigned in the order the respective dimension points are defined, or determined automatically by Creo Elements/Direct Annotation when only one point is required.
1. Double-click under value for the first arrow or second arrow. A table opens.
2. Click the desired arrow type from the list.
Set filled arrows
1. Double-click the Value column for the first arrow or second arrow. A table opens.
2. Double-click under Arrow filled.
3. Click the checkbox to set filled arrows.
Arrows are filled for all subsequently created dimensions. Clear the checkbox to set unfilled arrows.
Set the arrow size
You can set the size (length) of dimension arrows either absolutely or relative to the main dimension text size specified in Set the dimension text style
When an absolute size is changed, the corresponding relative value is adjusted automatically to show the relation of the changed arrow size to the main dimension text size. Likewise, changing a relative value causes the absolute size to be recalculated.
To specify an arrow size,
1. Double-click under Value for the First size mode or Second size mode.
2. Double-click a size mode style.
Set the arrow placement
You can set the placement of the dimension line arrows with respect to the extension lines. The options are:
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation automatically places the arrows either inside or outside the extension lines, depending on where you position the dimension text.
The arrows are placed inside the extension lines.
The arrows are placed outside the extension lines.
1. Click under Value for Placement.
2. Click the desired arrow placement mode in the list.
The specified arrow placement setting is valid for all subsequently created dimensions.
The figure shows two dimensions with different arrow placement settings. The left example shows the arrows inside the extension lines, and the right dimension shows the arrows outside the extension lines.