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Modify frames overview
Each sheet of a drawing is surrounded by a frame, which indicates the outer limits of the sheet. The frame can consist merely of border lines to indicate the sheet boundary, or can be built up to display information about the sheet and its contents. For example, you can design a title block as part of the frame, and include your company logo.
Creo Elements/Direct Annotation provides standard frame types as defaults. These are in the sizes A0 to A4, and A to E. A title block is included in these frames, containing default text references showing:
The active sheet number
The highest sheet number
The drawing number
The default sheet scale
You can also build customized frames directly in Creo Elements/Direct Annotation. Start with a default frame (or no frame), and build it to your requirements, adding geometry, text, and sketches, for example.
You can use the Sheet Properties dialog box to change the following properties of a frame:
The name of the frame.
The frame size.
The changes are immediately visible in the viewport.