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What is the Template Browser?
The Template Browser clearly displays and makes available the templates of design symbols, registered sketches, and registered texts that you can add to your drawing. It provides quick access to factory-defined generic symbols and user-defined symbols, sketches, and texts.
This browser works like the Structure Browser. For more information on working with browsers, see Using the Structure Browser.
The controls on the context menus in the Template Browser are similar to those in the Structure Browser. Right-click in the Template Browser to open the context menu; follow the different panels to reveal the options.
The Actions and View panels/menus of the Template Browser contain commands to help you work with templates.
The Actions panel/menu includes:
Write Tree
Opens the File Browser and saves the tree, as seen in the browser, to a text file.
The View panel/menu includes:
Expands the complete tree (you can also click on the plus (+) symbol to expand specific trees).
Collapses the complete tree (you can also click on the negative (-) symbol to collapse specific trees).
To remove a user-defined template from the template browser, including all associated files, right-click the template and select Remove from the context menu. This action permanently removes the template; it will not be available in future Creo Elements/Direct Annotation sessions.
To edit a template thumbnail, right-click the template and select Edit Thumbnail from the context menu.