Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify dimensions > Create dimension Fixes and tolerances > Fixes and tolerances overview
Fixes and tolerances overview
The Dimension menu has thirteen options for specific types of dimensioning. In each of these you can set a fix: a prefix, postfix, subfix, or superfix. You can also specify the different types of tolerances. Sets of fix text and tolerance values can be stored in tables and recalled later.
The methods for specifying fixes and tolerances are the same regardless of the type of dimensioning you use. You can specify them as you create the dimension and you can add, delete, or change them using the Dimension Properties dialog box. To open the Dimension Properties dialog box:
1. Click Annotation and then, in the Annotate group, click the arrow next to Properties.
2. Click Dimension.
To clear a fix text, click off the check button corresponding to the unwanted text. The text is removed from the data entry field. You can store fix texts in a table for later use.