Create drawings from models (Creo Elements/Direct Annotation) > Modify drawings > Add and modify dimensions > Dimensioning fundamentals > What is Dimensioning?
What is Dimensioning?
Use dimensioning to indicate the size and position of elements of your drawing. Generally, a dimension consists of two parts:
Dimension text
Dimension text describes the geometry feature that is marked by the dimension geometry. Dimension text is divided into the following fields:
Dimension value
Postfix and prefix
Subfix and superfix
The figure shows an example of dimension text with the fields indicated.
The prefix, postfix, tolerance, subfix, and superfix fields are optional.
Dimension geometry
Dimension geometry marks the geometry feature corresponding to the dimension text. The figure shows the three components of dimension geometry.
Dimension lines
Dimension text
Extension lines
Dimension frame
It is not possible to do view-to-view dimensioning. You can dimension only within a view; the distance between views cannot be dimensioned.
Frames cannot be dimensioned.
Additional geometry that is outside a sheet or a sketch on a sheet cannot be dimensioned.