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Publishing a Publication Structure
From a publication structure, you can publish a representation. A publication structure can contain publication sections, each of which can also be published as a representation. Individual content topics can also be published separately. The representations can then be saved in Windchill as post-published objects if the proper post-publish configuration is in place.
For information on publishing support, refer to Service Publishing Setup and Service Publishing Process.
For information on publication structures, refer to About Publication Structures.
Publishing a PDF or Bundle From a Publication Structure
1. Expand the product and open the Publication Structure folder.
2. On the Publication Structure page, choose a publication structure from the list and open it.
3. On the Publication Structure information page, choose the Structure tab.
4. Highlight one of the following in the publication structure:
the top level of the Publication Structure
any nested Publication Structure
Publication Section
Textual Content Holder
Parts List Holder (requires that Windchill Service Parts is installed)
5. On the toolbar under Publish, choose Representation iconRepresentation. The Publish Representation window opens.
6. In the Publish Representation window, provide the following:
Optionally, enter a name for the representation. You can enter up to 60 characters. If you do not enter a name, the name default is used.
Optionally, enter a description for the representation. You can enter up to 4000 characters.
Publishing Rule
Select a publishing rule from the list to use when publishing the representation.
Set as Default
Check this check box if you want this to be the default representation for the structure.
7. Click Submit Publish Job to close the window and publish the representation.
Published bundles are not returned to WVS. The bundle output is prepared and staged by Arbortext Publishing Engine for use by Servigistics InService. For information on the worker parameters that set the bundle file name and location, see Service Worker Parameters.
Publishing Incremental Changes
If you have published a bundle of a publication structure, and then make additions, changes, or deletions to its sections or content, you can perform an Incremental Publish that contains just the content you added or removed.
The Incremental Publish uses the same publishing rules and configuration specification that were applied to the initial full publishing action, so these must still be configured on the Windchill server.
1. Go to the publication structure Representations tab.
2. Choose a previously published bundle representation.
3. On the shortcut menu, choose Incremental Publish.
4. The publishing is performed automatically, and you see a confirmation message.
The incremental bundle is placed on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server where it’s configured to store bundles that have been published.
Choose Refresh from the Actions menu to update the view.
If the incrementally published bundle representation fails to load to Inservice, you can perform Republish Increment to publish that selected incremented representation. For more information, refer to Republishing an Incremental Bundle.
For more information, consult:
Customizing Windchill Service Information Manager and Windchill Service Parts, available from the Windchill Help Center and the PTC Reference Documents support site:
For information on bundles and Servigistics InService, refer to the documentation included with Servigistics InService.