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Republishing an Incremental Bundle Representation
Republish Increment allows you to publish incremental bundles for a given published representation. If an incrementally published bundle representation fails to load to InService, you can perform Republish Increment to publish that selected incremented representation. It publishes the changes done for that selected increment along with any changes that were carried out subsequently.
The Republish Increment option uses the same publishing rules and configuration specification that were applied to the initial full publishing action, so these must still be configured on the Windchill server.
To republish an incremental bundle of a representation,
1. Go to the information structure Representations tab.
2. Choose a bundle representation that has been modified and which was previously published.
3. On the shortcut menu, choose Republish Increment.
4. On the Republish Increment dialog box, select an increment count in Increments from the number of increments available for the selected representation bundle. By default, the last three counts of increments are available for selection in the dropdown list. The Increments list will be empty for full bundle representations which have been fully published.
5. Click OK.
Publishing is performed automatically. The incremental bundle is placed where it’s configured to store bundles that have been published.
Choose Refresh from the Actions menu to update the view.