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Service Publishing Process
To set up publishing from information structures, publication structures, and parts lists, you need to follow a set of procedures to configure Windchill Visualization Services (WVS). These procedures must be performed by an experienced Windchill administrator.
Setting up publishing after completing basic WVS configuration, includes:
Configure WVS to use a Windchill Service Information Manager worker, also called a SIS worker.
Become familiar with worker parameters specific to Windchill Service Information Manager.
Set up a WVS publish rules file specific to publishing from information structures, publication structures, and parts lists.
Publishing configuration also includes separate setup and customization procedures performed on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server, which handles the WVS publishing jobs:
Install and configure Arbortext Publishing Engine to work with WVS.
This is covered in Windchill Visualization Services Administrator’s Guide (Windchill documentation), Configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine, and Arbortext Content Management Guide(Arbortext documentation).
Arbortext Publishing Engine includes the Service application, which transforms incoming documents from WVS and prepares them for publishing. Be sure the Service application is installed on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server.
In particular, the doctypes directory contains document types for the publication structure and parts lists. These document types include XSL stylesheets that transform the incoming markup from Windchill into XML appropriate for publishing using the Technical Information application.
In the pubstruct directory, techinfomap.xsl (which references ditamap-common.xsl) transforms a publication structure or an information structure into the Technical Information application map and its topics.
Also in the pubstruct directory, DMPmap.xsl (which references the DMPmap-base.xsl and DMPmap-pvz.xsl) transforms a publication structure or an information structure into a bundle format suitable for Servigistics InService.
techinfo.xsl in the partslist directory transforms a parts list into an illustrated service parts structure.
These XSL transformation stylesheets provide commented guidelines for using them as a sample of what customizations you can perform for your own document type. These applications are deployed in an application directory on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server.
Set up a publishing rules file that is used by an information structure or a publication structure when publishing.
Refer to the Using Publish Rules section in the Windchill Visualization Services Administrator’s Guide and Service Publishing Rules for WVS.
Set up your custom application on Arbortext Publishing Engine that is used to transform and then publish the service data sent by WVS.
An example of such a custom application is the Technical Information application DITA document type and topics, which organizes and manages information about service operations and parts. This application is included with Arbortext Publishing Engine, and includes an Arbortext Styler stylesheet for publishing.
For more information about using these applications, be sure to consult Customizing Windchill Service Information Manager and Windchill Service Parts, available from the Windchill Help Center and the PTC Reference Documents support site:
In addition, consult the Arbortext Publishing Engine documentation available from the Arbortext Help Center:
Installing Arbortext Publishing Engine for initial installation and setup
Configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine for configuration with WVS
Arbortext Document Types Guide for information about the Technical Information Application DITA document type
Arbortext Styler User's Guide for information on using Arbortext Styler
Arbortext Content Management Guide for information on setting up and using the PTC Server connection with Arbortext Editor and Publishing Engine
Arbortext Programmer’s Guide for writing custom applications
Arbortext Command Language for writing custom ACL scripts
Arbortext Publishing Engine Programmer's Guide for writing applications that run on the server
Arbortext Customizer’s Guide for information about customizing features you can use on the server