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Service Publishing Setup
You can publish a representation of a publication structure, an information structure, or a parts list. The representation can also be associated with the structure and saved as an object in Windchill. Windchill Service Information Manager uses Windchill Visualization Services for publishing, which requires configuration by your Windchill administrator.
Publishing support from publication structures, information structures, and parts lists:
Object Type
Supported Output
Publication Structure
PDF, HTML, XSL, and bundles
Publication Section
Textual Information Element Content Holder (for dynamic documents) and Parts List Information Element Content Holder
Parts Lists
PDF and Parts List Structure in graphical form
Information Structure
XSL and bundles
In addition to setting up Windchill Visualization Services, some publishing configuration tasks specific to Windchill Service Information Manager must be performed:
A Windchill Service Information Manager worker agent must be configured and enabled.
A WVS publish rules file must be set up and deployed.
Arbortext Publishing Engine must be installed and configured on a supported Windows server.
Instructions for installing and configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine are in the Installing Arbortext Publishing Engine and Configuring Arbortext Publishing Engine guides, part of the Arbortext Help Center documentation.
Before you begin, consult the following:
About Windchill Visualization Administration.
WVS Publish Rules.
Worker Agent section.
Working with Worker Agent Administration.
About Visualization Configuration Administration.
Configuring the Windchill Arbortext Publishing Engine (PE) Worker section (applies to dynamic documents).
In addition, you need to have a custom document type implemented on the Arbortext Publishing Engine server. For more information, consult Customizing Windchill Service Information Manager and Windchill Service Parts, available from the Windchill Help Center and the PTC Reference Documents support site:
In addition, be sure to consult the Arbortext Publishing Engine documentation, available from the Arbortext Help Center.
Publishing on a Rehosted or Upgraded Server
When a Windchill server is rehosted or upgraded, it is possible that the domain might have changed. A change in the name of the domain affects the URIs assigned to the objects during the process of publishing to XML bundle output for use in Servigistics InService. The publishing process recreates a new URI for each object making it difficult to identify objects that existed previously from the new objects.
The com.ptc.arbortext.windchill.publisher.payload.LastPublishedDomainForURI property gives you the option to retain the existing URIs assigned to the objects published even after the domain name has changed.
To publish objects with existing URI in a different domain, contact your administrator to configure the value of the property to the old domain name in
This property is required only if you have used Service Publishing in the old domain.
In the rehosted or upgraded server, the new domain name is the default value.
The file is located at <Windchill>\codebase\com\ptc\arbortext\windchill\publisher\xconf.