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Create a New ICN Metadata File
(S1000D 4.2 products only)
An ICN Metadata File (IMF) is linked to an Information Control Number (ICN) illustration. By default it is added to the same node of the information structure as the ICN.
You have two options for adding an IMF to an information structure:
1. Import an IMF into the product
For more information, see Import an S1000D Package
2. Create an IMF in the structure
The S1000D 4.2 product must be configured to allow IMFs.
For more information, see Edit Product Dialog Box.
To create an IMF object in the information structure:
1. Select an ICN content holder in the information structure.
2. Choose Insert New > Insert New ICN Metadata File.
This option is unavailable if an IMF for the ICN already exists.
The Insert New ICN Metadata File dialog box is displayed.
For more information, see Insert New ICN Metadata File Dialog Box.
3. Select the required language from the Authoring Language drop-down list
4. Select the required template from the Template drop-down list.
5. In the Attributes section, select the appropriate Location option — Autoselect Folder or Select Folder.
By default, the IMF object is saved to the S1000D folder.
6. In the S1000D section:
Note that the Originator and Security Classification fields are set to the values set for the linked ICN as applicable.
Select a Responsible Partner Company Code value.
Select a BREX data module to associate with the IMF in the Brex Data Module field (optional).
The BREX data module will be listed in the Related Objects table for the IMF.
7. Click OK.
A confirmation message is displayed and the IMF object is created in the information structure.
The name of the IMF is the same as the name of the ICN, but with the prefix IMF.
You can manage the lifecycle of the IMF from the information structure. For more information, see S1000D ICN Metadata Lifecycle Template.