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Import an S1000D Package
You can use Windchill ’s import facility to import a package containing S1000D data into a product.
To import an S1000D package :
1. In the Folders view for the S1000D product, select the New Document action from the toolbar.
The New Document dialog box opens.
2. Select the type of data you want to import from the Type drop down list, for example Import from Compressed File for a zip file.
3. Browse for the file to be imported.
4. Assign attributes to the new document, as applicable.
5. Click Finish.
The data is imported into your product.
These guidelines apply when importing files:
Data modules and ICNs are inserted into the product’s information structure under the SNS location defined by DMC.
Data Dispatch Notes (DDN) and Data Module Lists (DML) are inserted into the information structure at their prescribed location.
For more information, see Create a New Data Dispatch Note and Create a New Data Module List.
The DDN and DML are imported at the lifecycle state Received.
Any ICN Metadata Files associated with ICNs in the package are imported and the link between the two files maintained. If the package contains an ICN Metadata File and an ICN of the same name already exists in the target product, the two files are linked after successful import (ICN Metadata Files are supported in S1000D 4.2 products only).
Importing an ICN Metadata File that does not have a same named ICN in the package or in the target product will cause the import to fail.
Multiple ICNs of the same name but different file extensions are imported and linked as primary and secondary content.
For more information, see Include Secondary Content Attachment with an Illustration.
All files are added to the Folders structure for the product, in the /S1000D folder as a default.
Import Status Reporting
A report is generated to confirm the status of a data import. The report provides messages to confirm whether actions have succeeded or failed:
A list of all S1000D objects that have been successfully imported
A list of S1000D objects that were ignored during import as they already exist in the product
Reasons that an import failed, for example:
The DDN in the package being imported references data modules that do not exist in the package
A package of Issue 4.2 data includes an ICN Metadata File and the target product is not configured to allow files of this type
Flag of any mismatches between the product after the import and the imported DDN and DML
The reports are stored in the Validation folder of the Reports page for a product.