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To view a type in the GUI
im viewtype
1. From the Types view, select the type you want to view.
2. Select Type > View Definition. The Type dialog box displays.
3. Details on the individual nodes are provided as follows:
Administrators, see “Assigning Type Administrators”.
Attributes, see “Configuring Type Attributes”.
Properties, see “Using Type Properties”.
Change Packages, see “Creating Types”.
Constraints, see “Managing Constraints”.
Document Model, see“Setting Up Documents”.
Test Management, see “Setting the Test Management Role for Types”.
Item Editability, see “Setting Item Editability for Types”.
Notification Fields, see “Creating Types”.
Overrides for Fields and Overrides for States, see “Setting Type Overrides”.
Duplicate Detection, see “Configuring Duplicate Detection”.
Permissions, see “Creating Types”.
Position, see “Creating Types”.
Copy Fields, see “Creating Types”.
Visible Fields, see “Creating Types”.
Workflow, see “Workflow View”.
Presentations, see “Presentations”.
Usage, see “Creating Types”.
References, “Creating Types”
History, see “Viewing Administration History”.
4. When you are finished viewing the information, click Close.