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Assigning Type Administrators
As the super administrator for Windchill RV&S, you can designate groups or individual users, or a combination of them, to be type administrators for the selected type.
Windchill RV&S type administrators are allowed to edit and view types. Type administrators are not allowed to assign themselves as administrators to any other types, or to edit types that are assigned to other type administrators.
If you have multiple type administrators, it is a best practice to isolate the administration objects that each type interacts with, for example, dynamic groups. This prevents type modifications made by one administrator affecting another type.
To determine which fields and states are referenced by any given type, administrators can view the Usage panel for the field or state in question. The Usage panel shows the types that refer to the field or state and the attributes that have been overridden for that type.
If the assigned type administrators are granted the CreateType ACL permission, then they are allowed to create new types, as well as delete any types. Windchill RV&S type administrators who are granted the CreateType permission can also assign other type administrators.
The list of available users and groups contains all active and inactive members that have been imported into Windchill RV&S; however, the available list does not necessarily include all users and groups available in the realm.
The following table summarizes the capabilities and limitations of the type administrator:
Type administrators can:
Type administrators cannot:
Create fields and states.
Create new type in Windchill RV&S (if CreateType permission is granted).
Edit and view existing types where they are assigned type administrator.
Edit and view fields and states referenced by corresponding type if they are also type administrator for all types that reference those fields.
Edit field overrides for type they administer.
Delete type (if the CreateType permission is granted).
View users, groups, dynamic groups, projects, states, and fields.
View assigned type administrators.
Create, edit, view, and delete custom presentation templates.
Edit fields (fields cannot be deleted) or states that reference types assigned to another administrator.
Delete states that reference type assigned to another administrator.
Edit users, groups, dynamic groups, projects, or triggers.
Create/import or delete users, groups, dynamic groups, projects, or triggers.
Create new type in Windchill RV&S (unless CreateType permission granted).
Assign another type administrator (unless CreateType permission granted).
Mary is the type administrator for the Feature type and Neil for the Defect type. The types reference the following fields:
Fields Referenced
With this arrangement, Mary can modify the ReleaseID field and Neil can modify the Priority field; however, neither administrator can modify the Date or Description fields because these are shared between the two types. Type administrators cannot make edits to fields or states that affect other types not administered by them.
Only the Windchill RV&S server administrator is automatically allowed to modify fields that are referenced by multiple types. To modify fields or states that are referenced by multiple types, the user must be assigned as a type administrator for all types referencing those fields. For example, if Mary is added as a type administrator for the Defect type then she can modify all three fields (Date, Description, and ReleaseID), assuming no other types referenced these fields.
A type administrator can add an existing field to his or her type; however, if the selected field is already referenced by another type, no type administrator is then allowed to make changes to that field. For example, if Mary added the Priority field to the Feature type, then Neil is no longer able to modify the Priority field.
Key Considerations
Only the Windchill RV&S server administrator is automatically allowed to assign a type administrator in Windchill RV&S. Type administrators can assign another type administrator only if they are first granted the CreateType permission.
Through the Create Type window, the super administrator can also assign a type administrator while creating a new type.
To assign a Windchill RV&S type administrator