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Setting Up Documents
Documents are containers for content and are referred to as Segments. A document is comprised of the document item itself, also called a Segment, and content. A single instance of content is a Node item (where the content data is surfaced) and a Shared Item. The two specific relationship pairs used in this item configuration are Contains/Contained By and References/Referenced By.
Together, these items and relationships create a document model which controls the behavior of documents and content modified by users across and between domains. A domain is an area of discipline or other logical grouping of like documents, for example, Requirements Management and Test Management.
The following graphic illustrates how Segments, and Nodes/Shared Items relate to each other in a document model:
Sample Document Domain with relationships
Key Terms and Concepts in Documents
Exposing Segments and/or Nodes to Users
Document Relationships
Customizing Document Content
Creating a Document Domain
Creating Document Types
Adding Additional Fields to an Existing Document Domain
Document Versions
Item Revisioning
Document Locking
Defining the Format of Printed Documents