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Creating Textual and Numeric Options
Option Managers can create options for the option pool in a product or library context. You can create multiple options in one action.
If you disable the Object Initialization Rules for options or modify the Object Initialization Rules not to use autonumbering, you will be unable to create options.
To create options:
1. Under a product or library, click Details, and then click the Option Pool tab.
2. Click the Design Option or Sales Option tab in the right pane.
3. Click from the toolbar of the Options table.
4. For Support Choices with Numeric Values, select No or Yes.
5. Type the name and description for the option.
6. If the option is required, click the checkbox under Required.
7. If the option allows multiple choices, clear the checkmark under Single Selection. If the option can only have one choice selectable, select the checkmark under Single Selection.
Options with numeric values are Single Selection by default.
8. If creating an option with numeric values, select the Quantity of Measure from a drop-down list.
If you need a Quantity of Measure that does not require units, you can use the Count Quantity of Measure that is available out-of-the-box.
9. To add more options, click . When finished creating options, click OK. The options are added to the Options table.
10. To delete options, select a row and click .
After you have added options, you can define possible choices for these options and organize options in groups. You can edit an option by right-clicking it and selecting Edit.