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Adding Service Effectivity to Multiple Items
You can create and associate service effectivity to multiple items in an information structure or publication structure all at once. It also enables you to create multiple lines of the same service effectivity definition in a single batch.
For information on managing applicability for individual items in a structure, see Manage Applicability.
1. Select the items using the CTRL key in the structure browser of its information page.
2. Right-click and select the Manage Applicability menu option.
3. The Manage Applicability(Multiple Items Selected) window opens, displaying the Selected Items and Service Effectivity panes.
4. Click in the Service Effectivity field to add service effectivity to the selected items.
5. The Add Service Effectivity window opens. You can define effectivity with the following information:
a. Type — Set the type of service effectivity information for the selected items.
b. Context — Enter details of the object (e.g. Number) in the field or use the advanced search option to locate it.
c. Specify additional properties for the effectivity. The options displayed on the screen will vary according to the effectivity selected in Type. For example, if you selected the Serial Number effectivity, the Serial Number field appears.
d. Assignment — Select All (global use) or Usage (within the specified context). The Usage option is available only if at least one child node is selected.
6. The Summary field displays a summary of the service effectivity information that has been configured.
7. The Selected Items field displays the list of items to which the defined service effectivity will be applied. This field is collapsed by default. Click the expand icon to view the list of selected items.
8. Click OK to add a new service effectivity object and exit the window. Or, click Apply to add a new service effectivity object and remain in the Add Service Effectivity window.
9. The list of newly added service effectivity for the selected items is listed in the Service Effectivity field of the Manage Applicability window. This field displays duplicate items only once.
10. Click Close to exit the Manage Applicability window.