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Managing Substitute Parts
You can configure a Substitute relationship between parts and parts list items, to indicate that a part can be used in place of another. The relationship only applies when the original parts list item is used in a specific structure.
The option to specify substitute parts is available in three locations:
1. In the shortcut menu in the Structure tab of the Parts List Editor
Select a parts list item in the structure then use the Replace > Manage Replacements menu option to open the Manage Replacements window.
For information, see Manage Replacements.
2. In the Related Parts tab in the Structure tab of the Parts List Editor
Select a parts list item in the structure and navigate to the Replacements table in the tab.
For more information, see The Related Parts Tab.
3. In the Related Objects tab of a part’s information page
Navigate to the Substitutes table.
For more information, see Related Objects Information Tables.
To manage Substitute relationships for a parts list item in a Replacements table, for example in the Manage Replacements window:
Click the Add Substitute Part button in the table toolbar.
Search for the part that you want to specify as a substitute for the original parts list item in this context.
Select the required item from the search results window and confirm your selection.
The part you selected appears in the Replacements table for the original parts list item, identified by the Parts List Item Substitute Link icon and the Replacement Type of Substitute.
The Replacement Status icon appears for the original parts list item to indicate that a Replacement relationship exists. The icon is displayed in the Replacement Status column in the parts list structure tree and the Items tab — customize the view of these tables to expose the column. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
To remove an existing Substitute relationship, click the Remove button in the table toolbar.
Managing Attributes for Substitute Parts
You can edit the value of custom attributes for a substitute part in the Replacements table. Customize the view of the table to expose the required attributes. See Customizing Table Views for further information.
Managing Substitute Parts from the Related Objects Tab
For information on managing Substitute relationships from the Related Objects tab, see Replacement Tables on Information Page Tabs.