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Add an Illustration to a Parts List
The Add Illustration window allows you to search for and associate illustrations to the parts list so they can be associated with individual parts. You can then also denote the illustration with which the part is associated, by setting the part’s Graphic Ref attribute to the value of the relevant graphic’s Graphic Ref attribute.
In the Structure tab of the parts list’s information page, choose Illustration > Add Illustration in the Related Objects actions set. The Add Illustration window opens.
The Add Illustration window has the following fields.
Search On
Lists the types of illustration document that can be searched.
All or part of the illustration number to search for.
All or part of the name of the illustration to search for.
Searches for illustrations that meet the criteria specified in the search fields.
Removes any content from the search criteria fields.
Results List
A list of the illustrations that match your search criteria. Sort illustrations in the results list by clicking on any column header.
The Version column shows the view for each illustration in the results list.
The State column displays the current work state of each illustration.
Once one or more illustrations are selected in the results list, OK associates the illustrations to the parts list.
Closes the window without associating an illustration to the parts list.
A list of illustrations associated with a parts list is provided in the Dynamic Documents table of the Related Objects tab of a parts list’s information page.
Use these options to make the associated illustrations visible in the parts list structure tree:
Viewing action set in the Structure tab of the parts list’s information page — select Illustrations or use the Manage Related Information option
For more information, see Viewing Action Set.
Context menu for parts list — select the Show/Hide Related Information option
Use the Open in > Display in Visualization Tab option from the context menu to view the illustration in the parts list’s Visualization tab.
See Remove an Illustration from a Parts List for information on removing an illustration.
Identifying Parts in an Illustration
Two attributes for a part identify it as being included in the illustration associated with the parts list:
The Illustrated attribute indicates whether the part is illustrated in the representation
The Item Number attribute references the callout for the part in the representation