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Parts List Illustrations
Once a parts list is created, you can use Creo Illustrate or Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw to create an illustration of the parts list. Typically, this illustration is an exploded list of the parts in the list along with the callouts on the parts. Windchill Service Parts automatically generates the callouts based on the parts in the list.
Creating a parts list illustration is a three-step process:
1. Create the illustration
2. Pass the illustration to the technical illustrator, plus any related information:
Representation of the parts list
A technical illustrator can open this representation in Creo Illustrate or Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw to create the final technical illustration used in the parts list. All of the information necessary for the illustration is available in the intermediate representation. Typical changes the technical illustrator makes at this point are to rearrange and align callouts.
For more information, see Creating Parts List Representations.
XML version of the parts list (optional)
This file provides information for use by Creo Illustrate about the callouts required for the parts list.
For more information, see Generating XML for Creo Illustrate.
3. Associate the final technical illustration with the parts list (only if working with Windchill Workgroup Manager)
For more information, see Add an Illustration to a Parts List.
There are two methods you can use to create an illustration:
From the Parts List Editor
This is a largely automated process which creates the illustration and its associated representation and Graphical Dynamic Document (GDD) and adds it to the parts list.
This method is supported for Creo Illustrate 4.2 only.
For more information, see Creating and Updating Parts List Illustrations.
Using Windchill Workgroup Manager
Working with Windchill Workgroup Manager to create illustrations, and their associated information, and add them to the parts list, is a user-controlled process.
This method is supported for Creo Illustrate (all supported versions) and Windchill Arbortext IsoDraw (all supported versions).
For more information, see Creating and Updating Parts List Illustrations Using Windchill Workgroup Manager.
If you are working with Creo Illustrate 4.2, you can use either method. You can select the method you want to use in the Creo Illustrate options: General > Windchill > Connect to Windchill via:
Workgroup Manager
Direct connection
If you are working with any other supported graphics application, you can only use the Workgroup Manager option.
You can maintain multiple illustrations in a parts list, to represent different figures.
Use these options to make associated illustrations visible in the parts list structure tree:
Show action in the Viewing action set in the Structure tab of the parts list’s information page — select Illustrations or use the Manage Related Information option
Context menu for parts list — select the Show/Hide Related Information option