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Viewing Action Set
The Viewing action set is located in the Structure tab toolbar on a parts list information page. The viewing actions are used to change the display of information in the parts list structure pane. The following actions are provided:
Show allows you to select related information to display in the parts list structure. Select a parts list in the structure pane and select one of the following:
Show icon
The related information selected in the Structure > Related Information category preference displays in the structure pane.
For more information about setting preferences, see Modifying Your User Preferences.
Drop-down arrow next to the Show icon
From this window you can select:
Show All
The option to show illustrations is activated by default.
Manage Related Information
The Show/Hide Related Information action is also provided on the context menu for a selected parts list.
Removes all related information from being displayed in the structure pane.
The Views icon provides the ability to create table views that change the information displayed in the structure pane. Select a previously defined view from the drop-down list or create a new view using Manage Structure Views. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
The Display actions change the display of the parts list structure and the number of panes shown in the Structure tab.
The following actions are available in the drop-down menu:
Select All – Selects and highlights all parts displayed in the structure so that other actions may be performed on the selected parts.
Parts that are not expanded and visible in the structure are not selected.
2-Pane Display – Click to show all tabs in a single pane to the right of the structure.
3-Pane Display – Click to show tabs in two panes, one to the right and the other beneath the part structure.
You can drag information tabs between panes.
Refresh – Re-displays the parts list structure preserving the expansion state.
The top part is selected when the refresh is complete. A part selection within the structure will not be retained.