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Identifying Parts Lists Affected by Changes to Source SBOM
When changes to an SBOM have been made and checked in, any parts lists that are associated with the SBOM display an Update Required flag. The flag is displayed in two ways:
The Details page for the parts list shows the Update Required icon Update Required icon.
An Update Required column and icon Update Required icon is available for the parts list in the Information Element List of an information structure or the product’s Folders view.
You can sort on the column to identify those parts lists in a product or structure that may need to be updated.
You will need to customize your views of these tables to expose the Update Required column and icon. For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
You can also run a report that lists the parts lists in a product’s information structure that need an update after changes to their source SBOM. Select the Reports > Parts Lists Requiring Update menu option from the Structure tab of an information structure to generate the list.
For more information, see Parts Lists Requiring Update Report.
These types of change to an SBOM will flag an associated parts list as Update Required:
Changes to the SBOM structure, for example adding or removing a part
Updates to Service Effectivity settings