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Parts Lists Requiring Update Report
You can use the Parts Lists Requiring Update report to list all parts lists in a structure that are affected by a change to their source BOM. You can view the changes that have been made to the sBOM and select how to manage those changes in each parts list.
For more information, see Updating Parts Lists after Changes to Source.
To generate the report, use the Tools > Reports > Parts Lists Requiring Update toolbar choice in the Structure tab of a structure’s information page.
Information / Action
Information about the structure for which you generated the report
Filter Properties
Open the Current Filter window, which describes the filters that are set for the structure
Remove Update Required Flag
Removes the Update Required flag from the selected parts lists.
Use the action if you have updated a parts list to reflect changes to its associated SBOM, or if you do not plan to update it.
This action is available to users who have permission to update parts lists.
Update Parts Lists
Select to automatically update all selected parts lists to reflect all changes that have been made to associated sBOM
A parts list cannot be updated from this dialog if it is checked out.
Compare information
Opens the Compare to Part Structure window for a parts list, in which you can view and compare the parts list and its associated sBOM side by side.
This option is available when a single parts list is selected in the report.
View Parts List Changes
Opens the Parts List Changes window for a parts list, where you can view the changes that will be made to a parts list if you choose to update it with the Update Parts List action after a change to its source BOM.
For more information, see Parts List Changes Report.
This option is available when the structure contains parts lists that are marked Update Required.
Use the checkboxes to select the parts lists against which you want to carry out the chosen action
Use the checkbox in the column bar to select or deselect all parts lists on the current page
Attributes for the parts list in the report, allowing you to select the correct ones to work on
You can also follow links to a parts list and its associated sBOM from here.
Note the column for a parts list’s Status attribute. If it displays the Checked out icon, you cannot update the parts list from this dialog. You must check in the parts list before proceeding.
For more information about status icons, see Object Status.
You can collapse this table if required.
Be aware of these implementation notes when updating parts lists from the report:
You cannot carry out any other update actions while an Update Parts List action invoked from the report is still running. A progress bar and confirmation dialog will keep you informed of progress.
If you close the report after invoking an Update Parts List action, the update will continue until complete.