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Creating and Editing Parts Lists
A service BOM is a list of components in no particular order. Transforming the service BOM and the service BOM graphical representation into a parts list lets you order the components in a meaningful fashion, and add line items associated with the callouts in the graphical representation. You can also assign attributes to parts that designate when they are used, under what specific conditions, and so on.
Searching for a Parts List
You can use the Windchill Global Search feature to quickly locate a parts list. A global search allows you to search for a particular object type across the contexts (e.g. products) to which you have access.
For more information, see Global Search.
Search results are displayed in the Search tab of the Windchill Navigator. You can customize the view of the Search Results table to include columns that represent parts list-specific attributes, for example BOM (the BOM associated to the parts list).
For more information, see Customizing Table Views.