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Parts List Changes Report
You can use the Parts List Changes report to view the changes that will be made to a parts list if you choose to update it with the Update Parts List action to reflect all changes to its source BOM. You can use the report to review the potential changes and decide if you want to continue with the Update Parts List action.
For more information, see Updating Parts Lists after Changes to Source.
You can access the report with the View Parts List Changes action , available in these locations:
The Parts Lists Requiring Update report
For more information, see Parts Lists Requiring Update Report
The context menu for a parts list marked as Update Required
The Actions menu for a parts list marked as Update Required
The left side of the report displays the current parts list.
The right side of the report shows how the parts list will change after the Update Parts List action.
Differences between the two iterations of the parts list are highlighted in blue — change to parts list structure (either physically or with an applied filter) or changes to parts list items such as updated attribute values.
Parts that have differences in applicability settings are not highlighted. You can see applicability differences by viewing each part individually and reviewing the Applicability tab.
Parts List Changes Report Actions
The toolbar contains actions that assist you in reviewing and handling differences between the two iterations of the parts list.
Current Filter
Displays the structure filter currently in use for the parts list. Hover your mouse over the icon or click to see a more detailed description of the filter.
Edit Filter
Click to modify the structure filter being used for the parts list.
For more information about structure filters, see Filtering the Display of Parts
Edits made to the filter will be applied to the displayed parts list
Saved Filters
Click to apply an existing saved filter to the parts list
Update Parts List
Available for current parts list only
Select to automatically update the parts list to reflect all changes that have been made to associated sBOM
The parts list can’t be updated from this dialog if it is checked out.
Remove Update Required Flag
Available for current parts list only
Removes the Update Required flag from the parts list.
Use the action if you have updated the parts list manually to reflect changes to its associated sBOM, or if you don’t plan to update it.
This action is available to users who have permission to update parts lists.
Manage Structure Views
Table views on the left and right sides can be configured independently. Click to select a previously defined table view or create a new table view.
For more information, see Customizing Table Views.
Find in Structure
A text field for searching for a node in the parts list.
Enter the name of a node and use the Next match and Previous match arrows to locate any occurrences of the node in the parts list.
Parts List Changes Report Differences
The central column of the window displays icons that indicate the types of difference that will happen if the current parts list is updated.
Child Difference
This icon appears when a difference is detected at any level beneath the parts list root node.
No equivalent object
Displayed in the Relation Difference column.
No equivalent part exists in the opposite (left or right) parts list. A blank row is displayed in the parts list that does not have the equivalent part.
Attribute Difference
The attributes stored on a part or related object that exists in both parts lists are different.
Click on the part that is highlighted with a difference and view the difference in the Attributes tab.
Parts List Changes Report Tabs
The tabs provide further information about a difference in attributes or applicability settings.
Displays the attributes of the parts list or the selected part in the parts list. Attribute differences are highlighted in blue.
Soft attributes are supported — customize the layout for the part to display them here.
Displays the applicability settings for the selected part in the parts list:
Assigned Item Expressions
Assigned Usage Expressions
Service Effectivity
Custom Service Effectivity is not supported here.
Differences in settings are highlighted in blue.