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Associating a BOM to a Parts List
The Add BOM window allows you to associate a top level BOM part to the parts list so you can quickly add parts from the assembly to the parts list. Doing so can be efficient when you are adding most or all of the parts from an assembly to the parts list.
With a parts list open in the Parts List Editor, open the Add BOM window by clicking Add BOM in the Related Objects actions set in the Structure tab toolbar of the part information page.
Refer to Finding Parts for information on performing part searches.
The Add Part window has the following fields.
Search On
Lists the types of parts that can be searched.
All or part of the part number to search for.
All or part of the name of the part to search for.
Searches for parts that meet the criteria specified in the search fields.
Removes any content from the search criteria fields.
Results List
A list of the parts that match your search criteria. Sort parts in the results list by clicking on any column header. The Version column shows the view for each part in the results list.
Once one or more parts are selected in the results list, OK associates the parts to the parts list. A part can be associated to a parts list only once.
Closes the window without associating a part to the parts list.
To remove a BOM already associated with a parts list, click the Related Objects tab, select the BOM to remove, and click Remove.
Identifying the BOM Associated with a Parts List
There are three places in which you can confirm which BOM is associated with a parts list:
Right hand structure pane in the Structure tab of the parts list’s Information Page
A tab with the same name as the top level BOM part appears when a BOM is associated with the parts list. You can access the BOM’s information page from here, by clicking the View information button.
BOMs table in the Related Objects tab of the parts list’s Information Page
Optional column BOM in the Advanced Search results window, when searching for a parts list
Follow the steps below to configure the column. Note that the column is only visible in results for an advanced search whose original request specified the single type Parts List.
To display the optional BOM column in Advanced Search results:
1. Create a new view of the Search Results window, using the Customize option in the Pick a View menu.
Refer to Customizing Table Views for instructions for creating custom views.
2. When creating the new view, add the BOM column to the Selected Columns field in the New View window.
3. Pick the new view in the Search Results window, or save it as the default view. The BOM column is visible for the results of any advanced search for a parts list.
Identifying BOM Parts Used in the Parts List
The BOM tab for a parts list includes a Consumed column . The column provides a graphical indicator whether the BOM part is used in the parts list.
— BOM part is used in parts list
— BOM part is not used in parts list
Updates to SBOM Associated with a Parts List
Making a change to an SBOM associated with a parts list may mean that the parts list also needs to be updated. When a change to an SBOM is made and checked in, all parts lists associated with the SBOM are marked as Update Required. You can then choose to update the parts lists as required.
For more information, see Updating Parts Lists after Changes to Source.
Note the following when working with a BOM:
The list of items displayed in the BOM tab is subject to any applicability (Options and Service Effectivity) filters that are currently active for the associated parts list.
Items that do not match the Current Filter setting or saved filters are not displayed.