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Creating and Updating Parts List Illustrations Using Windchill Workgroup Manager
It is possible to produce and store multiple representations/illustrations of a parts list, based on different navigation criteria (filters on options/choices and service effectivity).
When creating an illustration of a parts list with Windchill Workgroup Manager (WGM), you can select a parts list representation as the source of the new illustration. The graphics dynamic document (GDD) generated will be uniquely named in the format GDD_PartsListName_PartsListNumber_IllustrationName_GDDNumber. It will be based on any navigation criteria set for the parts list in the selected representation. The GDD and illustration file can then be passed to the illustrator for transformation into the parts list illustration.
Publishing a subsequent illustration will generate a new uniquely identified GDD with the same number format, with the most current illustration associated. You can select a parts list representation with different navigation criteria as the source of the illustration. The new GDD can be sent to the illustrator to update the illustration for the parts list. He can update the SBOM to the illustration to retain its synchronization with the latest GDD.
If the parts list is subsequently renamed, the most current GDD associated with the parts list is also renamed. The format of the new name is new parts list name_new parts list number_illustration name_GDD number.
1. Publish a representation of your parts list, with any required filters for options/choices and service effectivity set
You can configure publishing rules to automatically generate a representation on any action, for example checking in the parts list. For more information on publishing rules, see Service Publishing Rules.
2. Launch Windchill Workgroup Manager, if required
3. Create a parts list illustration, using the New > Illustration action
In the New Illustration dialog box, choose Parts List Representation in the Input Source field
In the Choose Input Source window, select the required parts list representation
4. Check in the newly created illustration file
5. The new GDD is listed in the Published Content Documents table of the Related Objects tab for the parts list. The new illustration file is shown in the Dynamic Documents table.
6. When you create a subsequent illustration, you can use create a new parts list representation or select a different existing one to capture the required navigation criteria. The generated GDD and illustration file will reflect these filters.
For more information on Windchill Workgroup Manager, see Introduction to Windchill Workgroup Manager.