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Viewing Annotations
Use the following procedure to display, view, and manage a list of annotations.
1. From the information page of a part or document, create a New Tab and navigate to Customize > General > Representations.
The Representations/Annotations navigation table appears.
2. In the Representations/Annotations table, click the icon to expand the Representations/Viewables to show any Markups.
3. The Table Actions for Annotations are the same as those available on the Representations Table. See Viewing Representations for a complete description of available Table actions.
4. In addition to the Table actions, you can right-click on an object to view the Row Actions for Annotations (some actions may not be available depending on your permissions and system configuration):
Open the annotation in Creo View.
Save the annotation.
Lock/Unlock the annotation against further revision (only the person who locked the annotation, or an administrator, can unlock it). The system displays either Lock or Unlock depending on the current lock state of the annotation.
Enable/Disable the Copy Forward behavior of the annotation. The system displays either Enable or Disable depending on the current copy forward state of the annotation.
Copy selected annotation(s) to the clipboard.
Delete selected annotation(s).
Edit Access Control of the table by setting permissions for access.
You can search for content in the Representations/Annotations table by clicking inside the “Find in Representations/Annotations” search field and entering text. Use the Next Match / Previous Match arrows to scroll through the results.
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