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Creating a Representation from Document Content
Use the following procedure to create a representation for a document.
To navigate to the New Representation window from the Content tab of a document, create a New Tab , and from the Customize drop-down list, navigate to General > Representations/Annotations. Locate the Representations/Annotations section, and click the New Representation icon.
The New Representation window divides the creation of a representation into the following steps:
1. Define Representation Attributes
2. Choose Input Source
3. Summary
1. Define Representation Attributes
Enter the details using the following fields and check box:
Representation Details
Enter a name for the representation.
Enter up to 60 characters. If no name is entered, a default value is used.
Enter a brief description of the representation.
Enter up to 4,000 characters. This field is optional.
Set as Default Representation
Select the Set as Default Representation check box to make this representation the default.
2. Choose Input Source
Choose Document Content for the input source and select an object from the list.
This option is not available if the document does not have files that are publishable (the file has not been associated with a worker).
If any Representations/Viewables or Annotations and Groups exist on the clipboard, you can see an input source for Clipboard. See Creating a Representation from Clipboard Content for more information.
There is an input source for Local data. See Creating a Representation from Local File Data for more information.