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About Mini-Thumbnails
A mini-thumbnail is the small representation of an object that displays in a table column for tables such as Folder Contents and Search Results. The parameters of your site determine whether mini-thumbnails are displayed. By default, mini-thumbnails appear in the column to the right of the object type icon column; however, the columns can be reordered or hidden. For more information, see Personalizing Tables.
The thumbnail column is not sortable or resizable.
When you hover over a mini-thumbnail, the mini information page appears. From this page, you can view attribute and relationship information for the object as well as interact with the thumbnail. For more information, see Managing Thumbnails on Mini Information Pages.
A thumbnail is larger than a mini-thumbnail, and appears on the mini information page as well as on an object information page. A thumbnail allows for interaction with the visual image of the object. For more information, see Thumbnail Overview.
If a 3D image of the representation is not available, thumbnails are displayed as 2D images, instead of 3D files.