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Thumbnail Overview
Thumbnail images can be found in lists, as well as on the Information Page. While a thumbnail can provide quick verification that the part you are viewing is indeed the part you were looking for, you can also click the thumbnail to open the product item in a more detailed, 3D image of the item for inspection and measurement.
Thumbnail images generate automatically when you save parts and assemblies. If thumbnail images do not appear, your system may not be properly configured. Contact your system administrator for more information.
Web browsers are moving away from plug-in support. A new mechanism, WebGL may be implemented in your enterprise to view representations in applications such as the Thumbnail Navigator, Thumbnail Viewer, and Visualization Tab.
If it is implemented, you can select SHIFT+P to change browser preferences available to you. For more information about WebGL preferences, see CS271197.
Viewing thumbnails
To view a thumbnail, hover over the icon that identifies the item type. You can click the thumbnail that appears to open the product item in Creo View.
Use the following mouse controls to interact with a thumbnail:
Keyboard Shortcut
Hover over
Highlights objects
Right-click and drag
Rotates the image
Press CTRL + right-click and drag
Pans the view
Spin the mouse wheel
Zooms in or out
Right-click and choose Zoom All
Double right-click
Zoom all
Selects a screen location as a focal point, right-click and choose Set Spin Center.
Sets the spin center
View in Creo Parametric
In addition to clicking thumbnail images of items, a View in Creo Parametric action is available from several lists throughout the product, as well as on the Information Page for the item. No difference exists between this action and clicking the thumbnail image.