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Associated Deliverables Table
The Associated Deliverables table is available from the following locations:
The Deliverables tab of an activity.
The Deliverables tab of a resource assignment (deliverable activities only).
The information and actions available from each depends on whether the activity is a deliverable activity or whether it is associated with one or more standalone deliverables.
For more information on the difference between deliverable activities and standalone deliverables, see Deliverables and Deliverable Activities.
Standalone Deliverables
If the activity is associated with a standalone deliverable, the Associated Deliverables table lists each deliverable:
Create a new deliverable to associate with the activity.
Delete the deliverable from the Windchill database.
Open the Edit Deliverable window. From here you can edit deliverable attributes as well as track progress.
Create a subscription to the deliverable.
Deliverable Activities
If the activity is a deliverable activity, the Associated Deliverables table lists each subject object:
Remove Selected Deliverables
Remove the association between the activity and the subject object.
This action is only visible to context managers and activity owners.
Add the selected objects to the Windchill clipboard.
Check in the selected objects.
Check out the selected objects.
Undo a previous checkout. Any changes made are abandoned.
Add the selected objects to your workspace.
The right-click action menu for each object contains additional actions. The actions that are available depend on the object type and your user access. For information on common actions, see Actions Common Among Objects.
Planning-specific actions also appear, including:
Track New Work—Add the object to an existing deliverable activity. In order to complete this action, you must already be assigned as a resource to the activity.
New Activity—Create a new deliverable activity with the object automatically added as a subject object.