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Sphere Spatial Filters
Spatial filters use volumetric information to determine what components to display or hide in a part or CAD document structure. Spatial filters can be used in conjunction with other filters to reduce the structure display to only those portions that are relevant to a specific configuration management or design task.
Use the following steps to define a box spatial filter:
1. Click the Edit Filter icon in the Structure tab toolbar. The Edit Filter window is displayed.
2. Select the Spatial Filter tab.
3. Select the Sphere radio button to display the Center Coordinates and Distance from Center input fields. These fields are used to specify center point and radius of a spherical volume.
4. Enter the X, Y, and Z coordinate values for the center point of the sphere in the Center Coordinates input fields. You can enter zero as well as positive and negative real numbers. All three coordinate values are required.
5. Enter a positive real number for the radius of the sphere in the Distance from Center input field.
6. By default, parts that are partially within the spherical volume are included in the filtered structure. Select Remove items that are partially outside the bounding sphere to include only those parts that are completely within the sphere.
7. Click OK to dismiss the Edit Filter window and filter the part structure.
The spatial filter description can be viewed by clicking the Current Filter icon in the Structure toolbar.
Sphere spatial filters may also be specified from the Visualization tab by clicking the spatial filter icon at the top of the visualization window and selecting Set Sphere Spatial Filter from the drop-down menu. Defining spatial filters from the Visualization tab allows you to select a part in the visualization window and capture the sphere coordinates in the Center Coordinates and Distance from Center fields. If nothing is selected the sphere volume will include the entire assembly.
You can then modify these coordinates to define the spatial filter. Complete the filtering operation to visually verify the results.