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Selecting a Baseline Configuration Specification
A Baseline configuration specification filter only selects part versions that are a member of a specified baseline. The part master icon is displayed if the baseline does not reference any version of a specific part in the filtered part structure.
Use the following steps to define a Baseline configuration specification filter:
1. Click the Edit Filter icon in the Structure tab toolbar. The Edit Filter window is displayed.
2. Select the Configuration Specification tab.
3. Select Baseline from the Choose a Type drop-down list.
4. Choose one of the following two radio button choices to select a baseline to use for filtering:
Show Baselines For – Choose this option to select a baseline from all baselines that reference a specified part version. The top part in the part structure is chosen by default. Select a different part in the structure by clicking Change and then the advanced search icon. When the desired part has been chosen, select a specific version or All Versions from the drop-down list. The table beneath the drop-down list contains all baselines that reference the chosen part version. Select one baseline to use as the part structure filter.
Search Baselines – Choose this option if you know the name or number of the baseline to use for filtering. Enter the name or number of the baseline in the text entry field or click the advanced search icon to search for and select a baseline.
5. Click Add to include the new baseline configuration specification filter in the To Be Applied table in the right pane. Position the new configuration specification filter in the desired order using the up and down arrows to the right of the table.
6. Click OK to dismiss the Edit Filter window and filter the part structure.
The part structure is refreshed to display part versions referenced by the added baseline configuration specification filter. Where possible the expansion state of the part structure will be preserved.