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Working with Option Sets
To manage option sets, go to the information page of the part, product, or library, and show the Option Sets table by adding a new tab and selecting Customize > General > Option Sets.
The Option Sets table has the following actions on the toolbar:
– Copy an option set to a clipboard.
– Delete an option set.
– Create a new option set.
– Add an option set to a package.
You can perform a number of actions by right-clicking an option set in the Option Sets table. The following actions may be of particular interest to you.
Save As
Save the option set to a different name in a selected context, and modify its attributes, if needed.
Edit the option set.
Rename the option set.
Subscribe to events associated with the option set.
To work with a specific option set, locate it in the Option Sets table and click . This takes you to the information page of the option set. Click the Structure tab to view and manage the options and choices included in the option set. For more information on managing options in the option set, go to Managing the Option Set.