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Assigning a Logic Reference to Another Configurable Module
You can reuse the logic and parameter selections defined in one configurable module and propagate them to other configurable modules by creating a logic reference to this part. Once a logic reference is created, you can constrain certain parameters to obtain their values from the configurable module that is identified as a logic reference.
Referencing a configurable module follows these rules:
A configurable module can reference multiple configurable modules.
Within a configurable structure, configurable modules can reference different configurable modules.
To create a logic reference:
1. Go to the information page of a configurable module.
2. Show the Logic References table by adding a new tab and selecting Customize > General > Logic References.
3. Click the add icon .
4. In the Logic References window, specify the object type from the Type list.
5. Type the part name and number, or click Search.
6. From the search results, select the part to reference.
7. Type the name for the reference in the Reference field, and click OK.
8. The new logic reference is added to the Logic References table, and the part is checked back in. The reference points to a specific version of the configurable module.