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Basic Steps for Defining Advanced Selection
If you plan to define advanced selection logic for a configurable module or use a deliverable generation process, the configurable module cannot be a child of a standard part.
Once you created a configurable module, you can develop advanced selection using the Product Structure Explorer.
1. Open the configurable module in the Part Structure Browser.
2. Define parameters using the Parameters tab.
3. Define constraints for the parameters using the Constraints tab.
4. After the logic is created, configure the part to generate a solution and validate the logic.
5. Once the logic is validated, you can create a variant with the part structure and part numbers.
You can reuse parameter selection from another configurable module. To do this, you need to create a logic reference from one configurable module to the configurable module whose parameter values you want to reuse. For more information on how to associate parameter values between two configurable modules, see Assigning a Logic Reference to Another Configurable Module.