Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Developing Advanced Selection Logic for Configurable Modules > Basic Steps for Defining Advanced Selection > Adding a Constraint > Case Table Editor > Selecting Case Table Parameters
Selecting Case Table Parameters
Select parameters to include them in the case table:
1. Select one or more parameters to be included in the case table.
2. Specify whether the formulae are allowed in the case table:
Select the No Formulae Allowed radio button when the case table does not contain any formula.
Select the Parameter Allows Formulae radio button when the case table contains formulae.
The No Formulae Allowed and Parameter Allows Formulae radio buttons are available only when the Enable Advanced Case Tables preference is enabled.
3. From the Parameter Allows Formulae drop-down list select the parameter allowing the formulae, when the Parameter Allows Formulae radio button is selected.
Only parameters, that are supported for formulae and included in the case table, become available for selection. A parameter can be designated to allow formulae for a given case table.
4. Click OK.
For information on editing formulae, see Editing a Parameter Formula.