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Change Information Tables
Object information pages display tables of information related to the selected object. The types of tables that display vary according to the needs of your site and the object type. When you customize or create a new tab, you can select additional tables to view.
The tables available under Customize > Change provide information about any change management processes related to the object. For more information, see About Change Management.
Depending on the object type, user access, and the software you have installed, certain tables may not be available options. For more information, see Understanding Data Accessibility.
Individual user, context, and site-level preference settings may also affect the table options available to you. For more information, see About the Preference Management Utility.
Table Name
Affected by Change Notices
Any change notices that contain change tasks that are affected by the selected object.
Change Notices
Change notices that affect the selected object.
A change notice represents a work authorization to resolve a problem that can be identified by an approved change request. It details the tasks that need to be completed in order for the change to be implemented. It also enables you to assign the tasks to individuals.
Change Requests
Change requests related to the selected object.
A change request can be created in response to one or more problem reports, or without any reference to a problem report. It details the changes necessary to correct a problem or provide an enhancement.
Change Summary
A quick summary of the affected and resulting objects on a change notice. For more information, see Change Summary Table.
Issues and Variances
Lists any issues or variances for the selected object.
An issue could be a problem report that is created to document a problem or request a product enhancement. There may be other types of issues, depending on what products you have installed. A variance is an authorization to depart from the as-designed configuration for a specific number of units or for a specified time period.
Resulting from Change Notices
Lists any change notices that contain change tasks that result in the selected object.