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Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes are typically a record of what has been discussed or accomplished in a meeting.
To enter the meeting minutes, select Add Minutes from the right-click actions menu of a meeting or select Actions > Add Minutes from the meeting information page. Enter up to 2,000 characters in the text field provided.
The text appears under the Details tab on the meeting information page.
You cannot cancel or delete a meeting once minutes have been added.
Meeting participants are not sent an email notification when minutes are added.
Depending on the level of detail you want to include, you can also use the following actions:
Add an Existing Document to the Minutes Documents Table
If you track meeting minutes in a separate Windchill document, you can use the Minutes Documents table to associate that document with the meeting.
Click the add icon on the table toolbar or use the table clipboard actions to add existing documents to the meeting.
Generate a Minutes Document
Use the Generate Minutes Document action to generate a report that includes the minutes you recorded as well as the meeting attributes, including a list of the meeting objects and participants.
Before you can generate and view reports:
Your site must have Windchill Business Reporting and the appropriate reports installed. For more information, see About Reports.
Navigate to the Preference Management utility and verify that the Meeting > Generate Minutes Document preference is set to Yes.
To generate a minutes report:
1. Complete the Add Minutes action described earlier.
2. Select Actions > Generate Minutes Document from the meeting information page.
A new document is automatically generated and added to the Minutes Documents table under the Related Objects tab.
If the installed Meeting Minutes Report does not meet your needs, you should not edit the default report.
Instead, an administrator should create a new report using the existing report as a model. In the Preference Management utility, set the Meeting > Minutes Report Name preference to the new report name. For more information, see Authoring Reports.