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Editing a Meeting
When you edit a meeting, an email notification is sent to the meeting participants listing the revised details.
1. Open the Edit Meeting window using one of the following procedures:
Select Edit Meeting from the right-click actions menu in the Meetings or My Meetings table.
Select Actions > Edit Meeting from the information page of the meeting.
2. Set or modify the following attributes:
Define the meeting type:
Standard—A standard meeting is held in-person at a set location or through a teleconference.
Web-based—A web-based meeting is conducted online and powered by WebEx.
Enter a name for the meeting.
Date and Time
Click the calendar icon to navigate to the date you want the meeting to take place. Use the drop-down menu to provide a specific time for the meeting to start.
Duration (minutes)
Enter the expected duration of the meeting in minutes.
Teleconference Phone Number
Enter the number participants need to dial to call in.
Teleconference Information
Provide any supplementary information for participants calling in to the meeting, such as a passcode or the name of the conference call leader.
Meeting Location
Enter the room name or number in which the meeting is located.
This attribute is only available for standard meetings.
Meeting Password
Confirm Meeting Password
Enter the password required to enter the WebEx meeting. The password is included in the email notification sent to meeting participants.
These attributes are only available for web-based meetings.
Provide a brief meeting agenda to be included in the body of the email notification sent to participants. You can also use this information to generate an agenda report. For more information, see Meeting Agenda.
Click Next.
If your site has security labels enabled, you might see the Set Security Labels step. For more information about setting security labels, see Setting Security Labels while Creating an Object.
3. Under the Select Participants step, you can select individual users, groups, and organizations to be invited to a meeting.
Click the add icon on the Meeting Participants table toolbar to include additional participants.
To remove participants, select the checkbox next to participant and click the remove icon .
For more information on searching for participants, see Finding Participants. Click Next.
4. Under the Identify Meeting Objects step, you can select Windchill objects as a point of discussion or as supplementary information for your meeting.
Click the add icon on the Meeting Objects table toolbar to select additional objects.
To remove objects, select the checkbox next to object and click the remove icon .
For more information, see Finding Objects.
5. Click Finish to save your changes.