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Specifying a Parameter Range
When you add or edit a parameter, you can specify a range of possible values for the parameter. A range allows you to ensure that the parameter value falls within a specific range of values. Within this range there is a defined minimum and maximum value.
To specify a range for a parameter:
1. Open a configurable module in the Part Structure Browser, and select the Parameters tab.
2. If you are defining a new parameter, click the new parameter icon . If you are editing an existing parameter, select that parameter in the table and then click the edit parameter icon .
3. From the Edit Parameter window, click the Constraint tab.
4. From the Constraint tab, select Range. The window is refreshed to show a minimum and maximum value.
5. Enter the minimum or maximum value for the range.
6. Click Finish.
As an alternative to specifying a value, parameters of type Integer and Real Number allow specifying a range for the parameter value in the case table:
Specify Parameter Range is available only when the Enable Advanced Case Tables preference is disabled. For information about specify a parameter range when this preference is enabled, see Editing a Case Table Parameter.
1. Specify the parameter value that must be greater than or equal to a specific minimum value, or has no minimum value.
2. Specify the parameter value that must be less than or equal to a specific maximum value, or has no maximum value.
3. Optionally indicate when the value is valid for a specific step value.
4. Click OK.
Specifying parameter range applies only a specific case table parameter value. The parameter constraint applies to the parameter itself. For more details about specifying the parameter constraints, see Constraint Tab of the Edit Parameter Window.