Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Product Structure Explorer > Creating a Part > Inserting and Replacing a New Part
Inserting and Replacing a New Part
To create or replace a new part, use the following procedure:
1. Select the parent part in the navigation pane on the left.
To insert or replace a new advanced configurable part, the parent must also be an advanced configurable part.
2. To insert, select Selected > Insert > New, or click the new icon in the Uses tab.
To replace, select Selected > Replace > Replace with New, or click the replace with new icon in the Uses tab.
3. In the new window that opens, select options from the Context Type, Context Name, and ChildType drop-down lists.
4. Click Next.
5. Enter attribute information for the part, and click Next.
6. Additional attributes appear for the part.
Enter information for all required fields, and click Next.
7. Different capabilities are available from the next window:
If your site has defined attributes for this part or for the usage of this part, you can enter values for that information. The values for some attributes may depend on relationship constraints, which determine valid associations among objects. See your administrator for more information.
If your site has defined attributes that can specify multiple values, you can add () or remove () additional values for that attribute.
If you have Windchill PartsLink installed, you can classify () or remove classifications () on this window.
8. When you are finished, click OK.
The newly created part appears in the structure.