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Editing a Product Structure Filter
Part structure filters allow you to view part structures for product configurations that are relevant to a design project or configuration management task.
To edit a part structure filter click View > Edit Filter . The Edit Filter window appears. Define the filter criteria to be used in this session of Product Structure Explorer. For more information, see Editing a Structure Filter.
After editing a filter using the Edit Filter action, the filter is considered an 'in work' filter. Nothing will be selected in the list of filters in the Saved Filters > Show List window. When the Edit Filter window is opened from a Product Structure Explorer an intermediate progress window appears. Clicking Cancel in this window prompts you to confirm the cancellation of the filter edit. If cancelled, the edited filter is not applied to the Product Structure Explorer.
If multiple Product Structure Explorers with multiple Edit Filter windows are open, each Edit Filter window will have its own unique identifier. When the editing of the filter is complete, the focus is returned to the instance of Product Structure Explorer that invoked it.