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Adding a Child Resolution
A child resolution is used to reorder the sequence of the input parameters. Rather than processing all of the input parameters in the parent first, followed by each child, the system interrupts the processing of the parent's input parameters and processes the input parameters for the child.
It is not possible to use a child resolution more than once.
To specify a resolution of a child configurable module:
1. Select the configurable module for which you want to define a child resolution from the Structure pane in Product Structure Explorer.
2. Click the Parameters tab from the left pane. The Parameters pane displays a table with a row for each parameter and columns that define the information presented about each parameter.
3. Select the parameter for which you want to define a child resolution.
4. Click the insert child resolution icon . The Add Child Resolution window appears, displaying the name and number of all available child configurable modules.
5. Select the child configurable module for which you want to add a resolution.
6. Click OK to insert the child resolution for the selected child configurable module. The part configuration process will require completion of the child configurable module’s inputs before proceeding to the selection of the parent configurable module’s inputs.
A row is added to the table, with an icon and the text Child Resolution. The configurable module to be resolved is displayed in the Expression/Value column.