Index Search Administration
Indexing is the process of extracting text strings of attribute values from Windchill objects and sending them to a search engine that builds indices optimized for searching. This enables users to efficiently search for data stored in a Windchill database without having to know anything about the internal object model. Windchill provides the option of installing Windchill Index Search to perform this function.
Windchill Index Search provides the ability to search for keywords within the metadata and content of Windchill database objects.
A system administrator must maintain the efficiency and usefulness of the search system as it changes over time.
Indexing should be disabled when bulk loading data. Once the bulk loading operation is complete, re-enable the Bulk Index Tool and populate your indexes with the new data.
Do not run anti-virus software against the search index directory. If anti-virus software is installed on the indexing server, configure your anti-virus software rules to add an exception for the index folder.
Installing Windchill Index Search
For information on installing Windchill Index Search, see:
Windchill Index Search During an Upgrade
For information on using Windchill Index Search and bulk indexing during an upgrade, see Execute Steps for Windchill Index Search.
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