Specialized Administration
Specialized Administration
This category contains information on system setup and configuration, and advanced administration activities such as administering visualization, policy access control rules, and reporting. You can also find information on administering optional products, and using command-line utilities.
Did You Know?
You can use auditing to track user actions in Windchill. A few events are enabled by default, but there are many more that can be enabled. The events are described in the following topics:
Depending on how you set up user accounts for Windchill users, you can allow users to change their passwords through Windchill. For more information, see User Password Management Options.
To help users get the most out of the search capabilities in Windchill, you should review and manage appropriate indexing settings for your site. For more information, see Windchill Search Administration.
Administrators can deploy the Windchill Desktop Integration plugin to multiple users at once through silent installation. For more information, see Windchill Desktop Integration Administration.
Saved reports can be run automatically by creating a data monitor to run whenever specified criteria are met. For more information, see About Data Monitors.
A command-line utility is available for configured users to set security labels on multiple existing objects. For more information, see Using the UpdateSecurityLabels Command Line Utility.
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If you are looking for a more comprehensive list or explanation of new features, see What’s New.
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