Configure the Index Search Server in Cloud Mode
If you have installed the index search server in cloud mode, complete the steps described in this section.
The following configurations are carried out automatically during the installation of index search server in cloud mode:
Setting up and start Zookeeper node, which includes:
Creating a data directory for each zookeeper node
Creating a “myid” file to identify the zookeeper node
Creating a zookeeper configuration file (zoo.cfg)
Creating the Solr cores
Configuring the basic authentication for Solr (Cloud mode)
The above configuration steps are not automated on Solaris platform. If you have installed index search server on Solaris platform, you need to perform all the configuration steps manually described in this section.
Ensure that you are using Java version 11 or higher. If not, set the SOLR_JAVA_HOME environment variable before executing the following commands:
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