Installing the Index Search Server in Standalone Mode
Install the index search server (Solr) outside of Windchill. For example:
(Windows) D:\ptc\IndexSearchServer
(Unix) /opt/ptc/IndexSearchServer
Under the Standalone Product or Component section, select Windchill Index Search Server. The Windchill Index Search server uses the existing Java installation on the machine where the Windchill Index Search server is installed.
Under the Define Settings section, specify the Base Installation Directory for Windchill Index Search server installation and mention the Java directory path, where Java is already installed on the same machine as Windchill Index Search server, and then complete the following fields:
PTC Windchill Index Search Host Name
Hostname of the machine on which Solr is being installed.
By default, this is the fully qualified name of the current machine.
Directory to store Index Search Data
The directory where you want Windchill Index Search data to be stored.
Index data should be stored on a local file system. Remote file systems are typically quite a bit slower for indexing. If your index needs to be on the remote file system, consider building it first on the local file system and then copying it up to the remote file system.
PTC Windchill Index Search Port Number
The port on which the Windchill search index starts.
By default, this is port 8085.
PTC Windchill Index Search Administrative User
The username to use when connecting to Solr.
PTC Windchill Index Search Administrative Password
The password to use when connecting to Solr.
The installation process creates the cores for Windchill Index Search, Windchill PartsLink, S1000D and Service Information Manager modules automatically. The configuration for basic authentication is also automated with the user name and password provided during installation.
After the installation is complete, open the Solr administrator interface and verify that Solr is running and the cores are available.
The cores of the Windchill Index Search, Windchill PartsLink, S1000D and Service Information Manager modules are automatically created, even if the modules are not installed. Therefore, if you later decide to install these modules, you are not required to create the respective cores.
Post installation, follow the instructions in Post-Installation Configuration and Configure the Standalone Index Search Server.
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