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Procedure Editor Pane
Depending on which solutions your company has purchased, your interface may look different than the images shown below. For example, if Vuforia Instruct is available to you, you will see a place to add a 3D model to your procedure and a 3D asset library. For more information about solutions available for Vuforia Editor, see Vuforia Editor
Assets library and procedure editor panes
Once you open a procedure, the Procedure Editor pane opens. There are three tabs available in the editor pane:
From each of the tabs, the following actions are always available:
Give other users in your organization access to the procedure. For more information, see Manage Edit Permissions on a Procedure.
Open a preview of the procedure in its current state.
A session is not logged in Vuforia Insights.
Open Versions and History ()
Open the VERSIONS AND HISTORY pane. For more information, see Versions and History Table.
Procedure Menu ( )
From this menu, the following actions may be available:
Duplicate—Duplicate the procedure.
Delete—Delete the procedure if it is unpublished.
Download model data (published procedures only)—Downloads model tracking data for a published procedure. This data is helpful when troubleshooting an issue with PTC Technical Support. Once you’ve downloaded the model tracking data, send it to Technical Support.
See the sections below for more information on the different tabs.
Edit Tab
From the EDIT tab of this pane, you can add and delete steps, add text to steps, add assets to individual steps, and require users to provide different types of feedback for individual steps, and require users to enter a serial ID. You can also add a step above or below a step or delete it by clicking the menu on a step.
If you want to preview your procedure, click PREVIEW.
Publish Tab
From the PUBLISH tab of this pane, you can publish the procedure or export it to a Microsoft Word document. If you’ve published the procedure, you can either share a direct URL to the procedure, or a QR code that can be scanned using Vuforia Vantage or Vuforia View.
Share Tab
Details Tab
From the DETAILS tab, you can do the following:
View the details of the procedure
Manage user permissions for procedures in Vuforia Editor
Preview the procedure
Set the cover image for a procedure by dragging and dropping an image or browsing to one